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My book is being created with the assistance of an assortment of talented individuals including photographers, writers, editors and designers, for which I’m very grateful, but I can’t publish without YOUR help.

As you are most likely aware, many Canadians, including myself, put their livelihoods on the line to fight for the Rights and Freedoms of ALL Canadians during the Freedom Convoy. I’ve set up a GiveSendGo fund and would be most grateful if you could help get my first person account of the events of those three historic weeks, into the hands of Canadians and freedom seekers worldwide.

Thank you for your donation.

“In January 2022, Canadians put our livelihoods on the line and trucked across our country in the bitter cold, to uphold the Rights and Freedoms of ALL Canadians, because of unreasonable mandates being imposed by our Federal and Provincial governments. Mandates that violate: The Constitution of Canada, Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, The Privacy Act, The Nuremberg Code, and multiple others. 

Millions of Canadians saw what was happening to humanity and were not going down without a fight, so three weeks before Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act of 1988 on legal and peaceful protesters in Ottawa – we, the citizens of Canada stood up in an emergency act of our own, holding the line in solidarity against the tyranny being imposed on us.”


Tom Marazzo Activist Author of The Peoples Emergency Act Freedom Convoy 2022
The People's Emergency Act Freedom Convoy 2022 by Tom Marazzo

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