The Ontario Party opposes all provincial and federal attempts to institute a centralized digital ID system.

The Doug Ford government has announced it will be introducing a Digital ID system this fall in Ontario.

The digital ID cards will include all government issued identification, as well as other official identification issued by partner organizations, such as bank cards. The information will be contained on an app on your smartphone.

This will allow the government to monitor and control all use of your electronic identification. The new Ontario Digital ID will be required to apply for government services, to perform banking tasks, and to participate in other daily activities.

Who’s to stop governments from requiring the Digital ID to apply for Employment Insurance, to receive your Canada Pension, to go to the library, hop on a bus, to vote, or even walk into a government building. Eventually, will you be able to enter a grocery store without it?

Canadians experienced the use of government controlled digital ID when the vaccine passport was implemented in September of 2021. Only those who chose to be vaccinated were allowed to sit down in restaurants, attend movie theatres and concerts, workout in gyms, and swim in community pools. The Vaccine Passport is still required for international travel to and from Canada and for any plane travel within our own country. Another violation of the charter rights of Canadians.

At this point in time in Canada, a Canadian citizen cannot joint the military or work as a nurse, doctor, PSW, Paramedic, Respiratory Technologist, or other health care worker, and cannot be a student or employee at a post-secondary college or university, without being ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid 19. As we all know too well, this is another outright violation of the inalienable rights of Canadians.

Ironically, during the 2021 lockdowns, retired military veterans who had chosen not to be vaccinated against Covid 19, were not allowed to sit down and have lunch in their local area legions. What a slap in the face to those veterans who risked their lives and fought in wars for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

Doug Ford vigorously denies the new system will be used to track citizens and violate their privacy, and to punish those opposed to government policies.

But the federal government has already broken our trust before we even have a digital ID in place. During 2021, the federal government illegally tracked cell phones of over 30 million citizens to determine if members of the public were following Covid-19 lockdown orders.

When your digital ID reveals your every move, what will the provincial government do with the information they have collected about where you go, who you visit, what you buy, what you say online, and exactly what time and day you do all those things?

Canadians experienced another blatant overreach and violation of their human rights in February of this year when Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland froze the bank accounts and credit cards of citizens who legally supported the anti-mandates Freedom Convoy Protest in Ottawa.

Why did they do this? It was punishment for disagreeing with the federal government.

Incidentally, Doug Ford gave his full support to this extreme government overreach.

Recent events show that Doug Ford and his government can’t be trusted.

In the summer of 2021 Ford explicitly promised his government would not require proof of Covid vaccination. His reason? He said it would violate each individual citizens’ medical privacy.

But he lied and did it anyway.

Ford also claimed his government would not allow citizens to be fired or punished in any other way for exercising their freedom of conscience about vaccination.

But he lied, again, and did it anyway, and thousands of people across Canada were illegally coerced into being vaccinated. When some of them didn’t comply, they were fired for declining to take part in a medical experiment.

How can we trust the Ford government, who tells us one thing and does the opposite?

“Fintrac is an infrastructure that was already in place by the government. The original role of Fintrac was to track domestic and international funding of terrorism.

At no time was the Trucker’s Convoy ever designated a terrorist organization of any kind during our time in Ottawa.

This is a great example of government overreach. They used an infrastructure that was already in place, and they abused it and misused it by targeting our bank accounts, and all of our financial institutions.

In my case, my son needs heart medication. My credit card was on file with his drug store, but it was frozen, and my son could not get the heart medication he needed. Luckily, we had cash in the house to pay for the heart medication otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get any medication for our son, and this is because the federal government used Fintrac to attack our financial assets.

I want to be clear, there was never a warrant for my arrest, I was never charged, and I have not been charged to this day. From the moment the emergency act was invoked to the very conclusion of it, I was frozen out of all my financial assets.

Under Fintrac, and I confirmed this with my lawyer Keith Wilson of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the government is not supposed to be using Fintrac to go after joint accounts. My wife and I have joint accounts. Joint accounts were also taken away, credit cards were taken away, joint credit cards, and credit scores were directly affected by this.

When you talk about the infrastructure being abused, we’ve already seen an example of this. If we tie this digital ID and consolidate every digital piece in our lives, when will law enforcement decide they want to come up with more legislation to be able to target people and use that as a weapon against its own citizens?

For me, this is a very terrifying proposition for residents of Ontario and if we allow this to happen in Ontario you know it’s going to create a framework for a model that will spread across the rest of Canada.

Your ability to exercise your charter rights, specifically section two, are going to be taken away. If you exercise section two of your charter, and the government doesn’t like it, they’re going to give this tool to law enforcement and take away every possible means for you to participate in society.

To me, that’s fundamentally wrong.

You can see this is very integrated within all facets of our society. I do agree that there should be conveniences, but this will be predicated on an artificial intelligence framework. Where’s the human component to this?

If you’re forbidden from going five kilometres from your home during a lockdown, if your pharmacy is outside of that bubble, are the algorithms in the software going to be able to detect that? Where is the human element to your specific case?

We would be brought under a big umbrella of a digital ID system, that is meant to social engineer and modify behaviour of the public and it’s not being done by human beings. It’s being done by an automated system of artificial intelligence. I find it to be very terrifying, in a free and democratic society, that AI is making the decisions and there is no human involvement.

There is one more element to this. I know some of the major credit card companies are starting to do trial runs on something very similar, just slightly modified to a social credit score.

They are examining your purchasing behaviour and if your purchasing behaviour is not so green, then they start to throttle back the limit on your card. This is where you have a corporation deciding what’s green, not you.

If you don’t come into compliance with their green policy, they will start to reduce your purchasing power. If you don’t have the actual cash on hand, you’re now at the mercy of making sure that your purchases always comply with some social engineering, social indoctrination program that aims to be more ‘green,’ or whatever the company decides.

What do you do if you’re in an industry where you rely on fossil fuels for everything and you’re using your credit card consistently to buy something that’s not known to be ‘green’? You’re now in a situation where your purchasing power would be throttled back on your credit cards.

If this is successful, then who’s to say that your ATM machine, or your daily limits on your ATM card won’t be affected. We could lose our rights and freedoms to spend our money, that we have earned, in a way that we find most appropriate for ourselves. These algorithms and social engineering programs are meant to modify our behaviour.

The most bizarre example I saw of the social credit scores was the smiling. In China, all of the CTV’s and facial recognition software are attached to social engineering doctrine, and if you’re not smiling enough in public, your score gets reduced.

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Tom Marazzo

Ontario Party Candidate for Peterborough-Kawartha

We’ve seen the harm that can be inflicted by governments who do not protect privacy and who use illegal government overreach to get what they want.

Giving government more power that will allow them to inflict more harm is not the right solution and is taking us down a dangerous path of more government control and less freedom for all Canadians.

“The trucker convoy was the People of Canada’s Emergency Act, and that’s what they’re terrified about.

When the Ontario Party forms the government this June, we will immediately repeal Bill 100, that was just recently passed by the Ford government, with unanimous support from both the NDP and the Liberals.

Justin Trudeau enacted the emergency act. People don’t understand that the emergency act did not apply to us in Ottawa. Bill 100 is nothing more than Justin Trudeau’s Emergency Act. You can think of it as Emergency Act 2.0.

Doug Ford has created Bill 100, and enshrined it in Ontario Law, to stop Canadians from ever again exercising their charter rights in a way that he deems disruptive to him.

Bill 100 is fundamentally flawed as it violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of all Canadians in this province and in this country.

Marazzo, Tom. Presentation at The Black Horse. Peterborough, Ontario, May 4, 2022.

Tom Marazzo

Ontario Party Candidate for Peterborough-Kawartha



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